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Vintage Noisemakers

For Sale
Halloween Noisemakers
J. Chein
Black Americana
Marx Tin Toys
Wooden before 1920
T. Cohn
U.S. Metal Toy
Bugle Toy
LTL Manuf. Corp
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Contact Me

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I've created an eBay group for vintage noisemakers. To find it and join in the discussion, on eBay click on Community at the top toolbar, then Groups on the left toolbar and and type in the search box vintage noisemakers.


I've been collecting noisemakers for three years and am still researching and learning about them. In fact, this website was a research assignment for school. My collection began when my Mom, who likes to go to the flea market, was looking for something that I could collect and find at the flea market too.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to buy, sell or trade noisemakers.

Is there anything you would like to see on the website? Do you have any questions or comments?

Just click this address to send me email:

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